Mission, Vision, Values

The development of Kingdom Title Solutions is grounded by a clear vision of who we want to become over the next three to five years. Through the planning and development process, we clearly defined our Mission, Vision, and Values.

A Mission statement defines a company's "reason for existence" within the market place. Kingdom has determined "The reason for our existence is to help encourage and strengthen the people and businesses around us."

A Vision statement is a clear declaration of the desired future (three — five years) which inspires, empowers, and guides individuals within an organization through both stable and turbulent times. Vision is an attitude that is forward thinking and provides strategic direction. Our Vision at Kingdom Title is "Become the vital resource to local real estate professionals and their businesses by creating an atmosphere of excellence through highly competent and motivated team members."

Company Values are the criteria for all decision-making. Values govern decisions around personnel, client interaction, capital investments and future growth. Kingdom has developed the following five core values that will serve as a filter for all decision making:

Service — We serve our employees, our clients, and our vendors with honesty, humility, and a commitment to exceeding expectations
every time.

Accountability — We accept accountability for delivering outstanding performance to every client on every transaction.

Communication — We commit to clearly communicate all necessary information to all parties both timely and consistently.

Stewardship — We are committed to managing the funds of clients, vendors, and partners.

Local and Global Impact — We believe that having a positive and eternal impact on the people we work with is the most important
thing we do.

I Chronicles 29:11 — 12 "Everything in the heavens and earth is yours, O Lord, and this is your kingdom. We adore you as being in control of everything. Riches and honor come from you alone, and you are the Ruler of all mankind; your hand controls power and might, and it is at your discretion that men are made great and given strength."

We Support

Kingdom Title proudly supports the following non-profit ministries and organizations.

   Heritage Academy    Rahab Ministries    CVCA